1. Patch or Replace

    Body Shop
    We are making a little more progress on our restoration. Finally got the body out and blasted to see how far the rust problems go. There are mainly holes in the floor everywhere that a brace touches and at a lot of seams in the trunk. The rear quarters have rust around the bottom also. It...
  2. My First Impala!

    Welcome Forum
    I just bought my very first Impala and the first Chevy I have owned since 1985! I was just wondering something and maybe people here could give me an answer? I just bought a used Impala, 2008. It looks like new! I've always parked on my lawn. My last car I had for 16 years! It did get really...
  3. Rust Hole

    Body Shop
    hello... i have a 67 impala, 4 door, hardtop and had a question about the body. when i open the front passenger's side door there's a hole on the body near hinge that connects the door to the body. the hole has a little rust around it and i'll be getting it fixed, however before i do anything...
  4. Back glass channel rust

    Body Shop
    My very first post, other than the welcome post, & I think it's a good one, lol. I just got a '68 Impala & the channel that the back glass lays in is rusted out very bad. I would like to cut it out all the way around & mig a new/good used channel back in, But, I don't have a clue as to where I...
  5. Which is the better donor car for a convertible?

    I am going to restore a 1960 Impala Convertible that has a lot of rust. The floor and trunk pans are gone. I have access to a 60 biscayne 2 door (that also has substantial pan rust) and to a 60 4 door biscayne which has only minor surface rust. Which would be the better donor car for the...
  6. Not so typical rust spot for '65-'70 Imps

    Restoration Corner
    On my '68 there is rust holes in the base of the door jambs eating through to where the kick panels would go, shown in the pic. I was wondering if this was a 'B-body thing. Also, I wanted to share my thoughts on this fix. I'm planning on taking apart my A-pillar. I cant stomach the idea of...