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  1. Restoration Corner
    I posted about this in another Impala forum (thank y’all who replied!) and was directed to try to get some traction here. I just wanted to know if I was way in over my head. I won a ‘67 Impala four door sedan (lucky, but wasn’t lucky enough to find a SS) at an auction and although I am still...
  2. Restoration Corner
    My daughter just bought a 69 impala 4 door sedan. The windshield wipers will not turn off unless disconnected at the wiper motor. Checked switch and fuse, everything looks good. Any other suggestions on the next step? Thank you
  3. Welcome Forum
    Hello ya'll. I've recently purchased my 65' and currently doing some replacing and such. My car was all original with 44k miles when I bought it. The car came with an AM radio, which means only 1 speaker in the dash. My dilemma is this. I want to put a new radio in the car, but leave the AM in...
  4. Heating & Cooling
    Does anyone have a photo of a complete heating unit from the engine compartment of the 1967 Impala sedan? I dont believe mine is complete and want to compare IF anyone is able to provide. Much appreciated. -R
1-4 of 4 Results