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  1. Brakes & Suspension
    Does anyone know where I can buy the strut & spring to the rear brake drum for a 67 Impala or Caprice or belair? Or know a way to make one or another year that will fit a 67? Or have one to sell?
  2. Engine
    Are the Intake and Exhaust Valve Springs the same height on 350 heads? My 1 and 2 cyl's are not seal and I discovered that the exhaust spring are able to rotate freely by hand with the rockers off...they wiggle the spring are fully expanded to their free height, now I did do the valve job, I...
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    About how long should it take to change the springs and shocks all the way around the car? Just a simple estimate will be fine.
1-3 of 3 Results