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  1. Parts for sale
    Super RARE NOS original driver's (left) rear-quarter 1962 SS moulding. Very good except for scuff at heal, which can be easily fixed. Original-style aluminum engine-turned insert in very good condition (not tape). Mounting posts sturdy. Fits convertible or hard top.
    $975 USD
  2. Welcome Forum
    Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 66 Impala Super Sport Convertible. I found this site in a search for like minded and like pressed to work with others to both solve problems and learn about Impalas.
  3. Convertibles
    1. Can someone out there take a picture of their 67 convertible internal mirror bracket and send it to me? The 'correct' one I ordered doesn't seem to fit and I'm wondering if it's the part or something the previous owner did to my car. 2. Does anyone know the correct spacing and offset I...
  4. Restoration Corner
    We're giving my 67 a frame off restoration and we're going to reassemble soon. Can anyone tell me what items were plated with what? I want her to look original and we have a friend that does plating. Thanks in advance!
  5. Interiors
    Has anyone else looked at the SS emblem on their 1965 center console and thought, 'why isn't there a gauge there?' Wondering if that was the original intent as an upgrade option from the factory. Has anyone ever seen one there, whether factory or not? I'm thinking I'd like to put my temp...
  6. Welcome Forum
    Hello all, I have had this '65 since 1982. Built in May in Van Nuys. She's been ignored for awhile and it's time to get at it.. My goal is to rebuild her stem to stern and improve upon all of her original attributes. A few years back, (late 90's?) Car Craft magazine tricked out a '65 Impala SS...
  7. Body Shop
    Check out this live streaming video of a 1965 Impala SS in progress of a full restoration, interior, exterior, etc... Watch the progress live at I can't wait to see it completed Enjoy guys...:beers: P.S There's also...
1-7 of 7 Results