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  1. Tag Team
    Hello, My new Impalas Body Tag (Drivers Side Firewall) is as Follows... 11C ST 66-16837 LOS 3496 BODY TR 869-B T-T PAINT W 2KMS I get that 66 is year but all i can find is 16837 means ss 2dr. V8, and 869 is Fawn Trim. Other #'s such as 11C, and W 2KMS are a little more difficult...
  2. Tag Team
    I have a 1967 Impala 2 dr coupe and am trying to figure out the trim tag. 05A ST 67-16487 FL 233450 Body TR 811-A 225995 It currently has a black vinyl w/cloth insert bench seat. It also has a V-8 but I can't get to the casting number because the accelerator cable bracket is right over it...
1-2 of 2 Results