1. Kickdown Rod

    Transmission & Driveline
    1967 283, 2 bbl to 4bbl swap. Its hard to find information on the Kickdown / Passing Gear RODS seeing as everyone is using cables these days. However, I am fine for using rods even if the benefit of cables are much more significant and accurate. Any correction to my statements are welcome...
  2. Powerglide 1.76 Gearset Diagnosis

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey everyone. First post on here, though I've been a member for a while and it has been an excellent resource. Anyway, I began the teardown on my powerglide this weekend in preparation for a rebuild and noticed some serious discoloration on the gearset carrier (image attached). I just wanted to...
  3. Help with noise when push clutch pedal to floor

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello Forum, I have a question, I have a 1964 chevy impala with a 230 six inline engine with a muncie m20 transmission, I changed the clutch disc, plate and bearing, also the transmission was rebuild, everything worked perfect, it was really fun to drive it, but after a couple of months to drive...
  4. column shift transmission conversion

    Transmission & Driveline
    1967 impala 4d double bench no console So I am looking to upgrade from a powerglide to a 700r4 or a 2004r and I am curious about how to go about the column shifter and indicator with the extra low gear options while keeping the indicator functional. I'm not opposed to a floor conversion I just...
  5. re: Powerglide 2 speed

    re: Powerglide 2 speed Assuming a PG is running good, will it make a long 3 hour trip of freeway driving ok?, say at the speed limit 65 mph? I've heard both that these transmissions are for around town, and others say the as long as the shifting is adjusted freeway driving is ok, does anyone...
  6. 1965 impala ss neutral safety switch?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello everybody, I recently bought a 1965 ss impala with the original 283 and Powerglide trans. I finally made the car start and got the engine to stay on, but when I put it in drive the car did not move. I put it in all the gears and the car would not move. I checked the transmission oil and it...
  7. What Transmission do I have

    Transmission & Driveline
    I think I have a two speed transmission but how do I know for sure I have a 68 Impala Custom coupe with a 327.
  8. High RPM even after Transmission Change

    Transmission & Driveline
    My name is Mayur and I have a Chevy Impala 2003 LS. 3.8 Ltr V6. I bought it as a used car in 2010 and it had clocked 82000 Miles. . I think it already had some transmission issues which were not detected by over time it became worse at around 88 - 89K. The gears would not change and it would...
  9. trans rebuilds

    Transmission & Driveline
    how much does it cost on average for a th350 trans rebuild on the bench, becuase im getting qouted for just a basic rebuild and 1000+ for a full rebuild small shift kit and a coverter, wha have you guys had them rebuilt for or whats average? thanks
  10. New user - 68 4 door ORIG 327 Trans Help Dallas?

    Welcome Forum
    Hey there, I'm a new member to this forum. I've had my 1968 4 door hardtop Impala for about 15 years now. My dad bought it from the original owner and was trying to sell it. I convinced him to let me have it and I'd take over the restoration. Thanks dad! Had the interior redone, vinyl top...
  11. Transmission Color Suggestions

    Restoration Corner
    Hi All, I'm restoring my 283 '61 Impala Sports Coupe. I'm finally ready to paint my transmission. Keep in mind it has matching numbers, engine and tranny. I want to keep the whole car as original as possible. It has a 2 speed Cast Iron Transmission. As much as I think the original color should...
  12. 68' Transmission slipping?

    Transmission & Driveline
    How's everyone doing? I have a 68' with a 327, four (4) door.... Ok here is the scenario…I’m at a stop sign (completely stopped), I go to give it a good amount of gas, you know just to get moving as if I have to be somewhere soon, but not right now. The next thing I know the car slips from...
  13. Need some HELP decoding a 700r4 Transmission

    Tag Team
    I recently purchased a 700r4 to switch out for my Powerglide but I'd like to decode it first and possibly rebuild. It has the MD8 so I know it's a 700r4, the serial number is 7YXM163H. I know the 7=1987 YX=model code=???????? M=700r4 163= 163rd day of 1987 H= second shift Does anyone know...