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  1. Restoration Corner
    My daughter just bought a 69 impala 4 door sedan. The windshield wipers will not turn off unless disconnected at the wiper motor. Checked switch and fuse, everything looks good. Any other suggestions on the next step? Thank you
  2. Restoration Corner
    Ok....I have recently purchased a 68 4dr hardtop(with posts). The fella I purchased it from was...less than smart in terms of rebuilding and wiring...but hey, that is what project cars are for right? Make em your own. Anywho...problem is...finding information on a few specific items and...
  3. Body Shop
    Just spit-balling here, but what if... you didn't want wipers cluttering your windshield? I took mine off my restored '65 SS and the look is super clean. Since I don't drive in the rain anyway (for many reasons), why have that shiny baggage upfront cluttering the view - both outward and inward...
  4. General Tech
    Hello everyone, I'm unfortunate to be living in an area where there is quite some rain. Now the wipers do a great job, but as it often rains just a little I would be so much happier if there was a way to add an interval to the system. Anyone knows if there are any after sales convertions...
  5. American Auto Wire
    MODUBLOX is the newest line of accessory blocks from American Autowire. Add new power accessories and fit them together in any configuration. The first three kits in the series handle your courtesy light, headlights, and wipers. MODUBLOX demo videos are on YouTube! Check out the MODUBLOX page...
1-5 of 5 Results