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RARE 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne 396 equipped with the police package and originally owned by the FBI as documented. The police package was designed for law enforcement with many heavy duty features including 15" wheels and the police certified speedometer in 2 MPH increments as opposed to the civilian version which was marked in 5 MPH increments. Unlike Ford and Chrysler police speedometers the Chevys did NOT say certified on the face. Please refer to the included picture from the 1966 Chevrolet police brochure for specifications. Also included is the bill of sale from the FBI when the car was sold by them in 1970. The 5 digit odometer shows 10,656 miles, the miles have obviously turned over but I have no idea if it has turned over once or 10 times.

The car is exactly how I got it late last year, I had considered restoring it but doubt I'll ever get around to it. AS you can see the car needs a total restoration.

The upper motor has been taken apart by a previous owner, I have no idea why. All of the parts I got with the car are shown in the trunk, I don't have anything else. Again I have no idea of the condition of the motor, transmission, rear end, brakes or anything else.

From what I can tell the car has been in Arizona for most, if not all of its life. The Arizona sun took it's toll on the interior. The body and floorpans appear to be rust free with the exception of the 1/4 panels. My guess is that the trunk weatherstrip broke down and water got in the trunk and sat there. An original lower right 1/4 panel is included for an easy repair. I have not lifted the original rubber floor mat as I know it would crack and break but the floorpans look good from underneath. Other common rust spots of the rockers, door corners, lower front fenders and the rear window show no signs of rust. Being a FBI car it would have been unmarked, there are holes from radio antennas on the top of both1/4 panels and holes from a microphone clip on the dash.

Included are all 5 of the 15" wheels with 4 original hubcaps. The tires are very old, 3 of the tires hold air, the left rear will go flat in a couple of days.

The car has a clear Arizona title dated 1988.


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