1967 Impala Brake return spring

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Just purchased a Fisher Service Manuel and there's nothing in there on R/R the brake pedal return spring. I have the instrument cluster removed but even now this looks like a big job removing the brake pedal. No clutch pedal to deal with. Can anyone shed any light on this. Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this, but I like to be prepared before I go into BATTLE. Thanks guy's. Chuck
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As mentioned the other day, the '67 should have a round Return Spring that goes through the Pin and around the Pedal Shaft on an Automatic car and goes through the Clutch Pedal Shaft and also around Pedal Shaft on a Manual Shift car.

I did a little research and sure enough, below in the link is one to look at. Take a flashlight and look up into the U-Channel Assembly to see if your Spring is actually there. If it is there, make sure it is working properly.

Here is the link:

There is no spring. I checked weeks ago. Do you know if it's difficult to replace?
Not that hard at all. Just dis-connect the Brake Rod, then the Clip on the end of the Pin. Then slide the Pin back to let the Brake Pedal drop down. Install the Spring and re-assemble. Be sure to put the Spring in the correct position putting the one end into the hole to secure it. Also make sure you have the 4 Plastic Bushings correctly in place on the Pin.
To everyone who gave advise on changing this return spring thanks to all. This is not an easy job. Even with the steering wheel out it was not fun. There is limited instruction in the service manual. Thanks again.
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