1967 Impala steering column

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This car was bought with a turbo 350 tranny. My question is this I know this car came with a power glide from the factory. I think the steering column has been changed. I will try to attach a picture. I know these cars came with turbo 400's also. I think they were all floor column shifters. This gear indicator does not make any cense to me. Did power glide gear indicators look like this? Any info would be great. Unable to attach picture. My gear indicator reads. Park R N D L1 L2 What type of tranny is this for?
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HI and welcome. The gear indicator shows L1 and L2, so that makes it a 3-speed, IOW, a TH 350 or 400. PowerGlides were two speeds with just one "L" on the indicator. BTW You can post links to a pic that is hosted on another site.
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That info I know. What baffles me is the only 3 speeds in 1967 impalas were turbo 400 which all came on floor shifters [center counsels] so I've heard. Also this gear indicator and steering column paint match the dash paint. If turbo 400s came with column shifters on 1967 impalas that would solve this mystery.
YES, the Turbo 400 was installed into 1967 Chevrolet's with bench seats and column shifters. I have one in my 1967 Impala SS convertible with the option Strato-Bench seat (RPO A53).
Where did you get the idea TH 400s only came with floor shifters?
From a mister know it all. Who doesn't know S---. Thanks for the schooling. So maybe the last guy got this steering column out of a SS. That makes sense. Is the gear needle indicator the same as a power glide? Thanks for the info.
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