'59 Two Tone Paint Decode

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Trying to decode cowl tag for correct two tone paint. From info I've researched I believe it indicates Snowcrest White over Crown Sapphire Metallic, and interior trim code is turquoise cloth and vinyl. The body was already primed when I got it, but original inside door jambs appear to be a lighter blue than even Frost Blue according to the paint chip chart. Also the interior appears to be blue and white instead of turquoise and white. I'm just concerned if I order the Crown Sapphire and it definitely doesn't match the door jambs. No real biggie, I just want it to be correct per the cowl tag. Any advice would be appreciated.
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are you trying to make it look original like from the factory? and is that factory paint you are trying to match that you say the color is darker/lighter?

don't forget that paint fades over the years, whether it is the paint chip in the book or the paint on the car itself. and the other thing is, paint is REAL subjective. there's a lot of stuff in paint that I cannot see because my eyes aren't sensitive enough. (like seeing yellow in white paint...true story!)
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