'61 - Number of Bumper Guards?

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I'm restoring my '61 Impala 2 dr Sports Coupe. My question is how many rear bumper guards is the original look suppose to have? I see some cars have two on each side and some only have one on each side. I thought the idea was to cover the bumper joints due to the three piece bumper. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Bumper guards were optional equipment. You could buy 1 pair or two. It is up to your personal taste.
Thanks Floyd66!
Getting ready to assemble my rear bumper and I thought I'd ask this question again (no disrespect to Floyd66). Since I wasn't born until '76, I thought someone who was around when these cars first came out would have more insight. What was more commonly seen in the 60's, 1 pair or 2 pairs of rear bumper guards. I'm still on the fence between two and four.
1 pair. 2 pair is a lowrider thing. Personally, I like no guards, just like the factory built them.
I agree. Now if I go with one pair, what position should they be in, closer or farther apart? I can't decide....
They are an add-on accessory. Put them where you think they look best.
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