64 Impala Convertible Top Frame Bracket

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I am looking for help installing the convertible top frame into my 64 Impala SS convertible. I had the car at a local shop for a frame off installation and the owner removed the top frame and brackets. He didn't take any pictures and doesn't remember how it all went together. Needless to say, he no longer has the car. Now we are trying to figure out how everything goes back together as far as the pivots, pistons, and related mounting hardware to the body. Does anyone have pictures or suggestions on how these parts mount on the side panels of the car? I have an assembly manual but it doesn't show the convertible top.
Any help would be appreciated.
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You may find what you need in the '61 Shop Manual. It's been too long to say for sure, but there is a lot of convertible info there.

See if you can find the Fisher Body manual for 1964. It shows the installation of the convertible top step by step.
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