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A couple of years ago I was doing a search for a shifter boot for my car, and I came across some old posts from this forum. I think they were from 2015 or 2013. At that time someone was actually manufacturing a reproduction shift boot for the 65 SS 4 speed (with console). Apparently that was short lived however. I tried the 66-67 from Classic Industries, but it didn't look like it would really work, so I thought the 64, what they call the lower with console, might work, possibly upside down, or if not, then right side up.

I Still had the outside of the original intact. I didn't think I could get the boot over the shift arm with the reverse ears in place, without tearing it, so I disassembled the shift arm. Getting it back together, getting the wire threaded back through, was a real adventure, a real challenge. And I was lucky, because it was a new one with a solid wire.

I think the 64 boot upside down worked quite well. I haven't tucked it up under the retaining ring yet, but I think that will work also. I think this would work even if you didn't have anything left of the original boot.
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