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I got all the hydraulics working good. So now to install the top.

I called around and labor to install is about $1000 average. So I'm not gonna go that route.

The car came with a top from Kee Tops that includes the black pinpoint vinyl top and the pad. I had to order a glass for it and some basic install stuff from convertible top guys, tack strip, glue, hold down cables and I also ordered their install manual.

So anybody that has done this before, I'd appreciate tips and advice! I may try to video some of the steps and/or take pictures. I haven't found any videos on youtube of anyone installing a 60's GM convertible top. That would be really handy. But I'm hoping the install manual is what I need.

couple pics below, they don't show much detail..

Tips appreciated!!

Top laid on

Frame folded down.
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