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Hello all,
Been a while. I currently have an electric vacuum booster to run power brakes on my 496 - only making 10 in-Hg. Its big, loud, a pain to mount, and is just one more thing my electrical system has to keep up with. I want to convert to a Hydroboost from a '91 Astro van (Cardone 52-7251), but have some questions for those with knowledge of this conversion:

1) Firewall bracket - this is not included with the Hydroboost. Where are people sourcing this from? Does it require fabrication of the firewall?

2) Plumbing - are there pre-assembled hoses out there that will work?

3) Master cylinder - should I use the one for a '91 Astro van as well?

4) Any changes to the power steering pump?

Thanks for any replies.
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