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Hey everybody!

I’ve posted a couple of things here, and lurked even longer, but... now I think I might be learning enough to be a contributing member of the community.

My current project car is a 68 Impala Custom Coupe that was sitting on the side of the road for 10 years. Originally a 327, but when I found the previous owner, he’d just dropped a 350 in her. Too bad it was seized, and was wearing anorexic 1970 heads.

Very, VERY purple paint, as well as a life mostly lived in Arizona, has kept the body & frame are in pretty good shape. That said, I’m overhauling every internal component on her.

I’m restoring her to be a full time daily driver. Currently, I’ve got a full Holly Sniper system, a ATK 355, 12” discs all around, and an overdrive transmission all waiting in boxes for their turn to get bolted in.


Currently, she’s body off frame - semi-rust scrubbed and about half painted inside and out. It’s all about the suspension & steering rebuild currently.


Anyway, glad to be here, and very appreciative of the community around these awesome cars.

See yah on the boards!

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Wow man, frame off and everything! And such a collection of parts to go on her! That's some serious undertaking right there! Good luck with the project.

Keep showing us update pics, you know everyone likes to follow along!
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