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You need a 700R4 mechanical tailshaft, along with the correct plastic speedo drive gears, etc.

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I know this is an old post but I just did the conversion.

electric to mechanical.

Parts needed:
- Housing adapter

-Tail shaft gear

-tail shaft gear clip

-Housing gear

And seals.. if your are bad

-Pull out the drive shaft
-Remove tail housing of 700r4.. 4 bolts
-Remove electrical sesnor from tail housing
-Pull sendor from output shaft, little heat helps here.

Install plastic gear on output shaft with clip... don't for get clip...

- install tailhousing back on to trans.
-install mech gear and adapter back into tail housing.

-turn trans to make sure gears are meshing.
- install speedo cable....


you may want to make sure you have the correct ratio (before you order parts) or your speedo will be off..

do a google search for 700r4 speedo gear ratios there are quite a few sites out there.
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