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I’m looking to decode a build sheet. I’m good with the VIN, cowl tag, and RPO codes listed on the build sheet. What I’m looking for are sources that can give information on the codes for specific boxes on the build sheet, such as.......
Strg knuckle, front springs, rear springs, front shock, rear shock,alternator, list goes on and on. I’ve been able to track down some, and getting conflicting info. This is for 69 Impala, Vin 164479Y032768
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The boxes with a number usually refer to the end of the part number of that specific part. The two letter codes are usually on a sticker or decal attached to the part. I've started to decode some of the boxes but only a few so far
I would like to decode the Build Sheet on my 66 impala super sport box 20 -exhaust I only see a (9) can anybody tell me what that would decode too?
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