Build Sheet Location on a 1966 Impala

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Hey Everybody!

Does anybody have a 1966 Impala that has found the build sheet? Where is the most common places to find the build sheet for a 1966?

Any help would be great.
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I have a 1966 Belair, four door sedan, 250, powerglide, 12 bolt w/four link, Canadian built and untouched. When I removed the front and rear seats for new skins, I found the built sheets attached with one hog ring to the bottom seat springs on front and rear. The build sheets (more like built strips) are just a plain piece of paper, about 1 1/4" wide and about 9" long and has only the codes typed on it ... not a form type in full sheet size like I have seen in later GM's and Mopars. But that is how Canada did it ... body color firewall and entire trunk area too.

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