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this post has a LONG story behind it. go visit CList to read it

The "His & Hers" Story - 1965 Chevrolet Caprices - This Car Was "His"

In 1964 a very successful realtor in Auburn, Washington decided to buy for himself and his wife special gifts ... two brand new first-edition 1965 Chevrolet Caprices. The cars were ordered at the same time from Bothell Brothers Chevrolet in Auburn. "Hers" was Chevrolet's new, and highly touted, Caprice with a small block V-8. The car featured in this ad is the "His" Caprice. It was to be more masculine and was special ordered with the optional big-block 396 cubic inch 325 horsepower engine. However, being a car enthusiast, he knew that the new big-block would perform better with a stronger transmission. As a result, he custom ordered his Caprice to come with a Turbo Hydra-Matic (THM) 400 transmission. The THM 400 was first introduced in 1964 in Cadillacs and this owner knew it would be a better match for his 396 big-block. Eventually, the standard braking system was also improved by installing front power disc brakes to complete a better start-to-stop performance package.

"His" Finds A New Home
Approximately 25 years later the His/Hers Caprices had lived their lives as quite the pair. Hers was sold and His was parked with the thought that perhaps someone in the family would want to revive its legacy. That never occurred and my friend, the second owner, purchased the car in 1989 and began his quest to bring it back to its glory days. At this point, the car had approximately 50,000 miles on it.............

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