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Hey.. I'm looking for a frame for 1968 chevy impala convertible if anyone has a frame available or know of someone who has one I'm interested and possibly shipped to Florida or maybe I can do a road trip.. let me know thanks...
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a '68 convertible shares the same frame as a '67 convertible, just confirmed it with my Hollander manual.

found these on clist

this guy has been posting this vehicle for almost a year and keeps raising the price. I've talked to him, he does old cars for a living, vehicle is located in Springfield, MO, but frontend looks bent

this guy is actually in Belton, TX. he always charges high prices for his stuff, and he has a lot of old stuff (I've toured his yard), but he seems fairly honest otherwise

there is also CTC Auto Ranch in Denton Tx, in Oklahoma, another place in Montana I can't remember the name of

there was a frame being listed on Clist for awhile located in Quinlan Tx, can't find a current ad. it may have just expired and he hasn't reposted yet
here is some info about the title "1967 Impala Convertible Frame RAGTOP Chassis. $3,350 (Quinlan Tx) "

good luck!
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ah! he finally posted it again (he posts all over the country on CraigsList)

1967 Impala Convertible Frame RAGTOP Chassis - $3,350 (Quinlan Tx)

1967 1968 Impala Convertible Frame from a TEXAS car..... Will be blasted & powdercoated......

If interested..... feel free to contact me to discuss....

Other frames available......


  • contact name:
  • call or text:
    (214) 926-0119
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