Exhaust issue .

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I want to redo my exhaust I have 2 1/2 on there now. It is standard bent with no X pipe. What I want to do is 2 1/2 mandural bent tubing with the X pipe and get it tucked under good. Right now the pipes up front just off the headers hang lower then the frame:( Now from what I have heard about the X pipe is more performance. Back when I had it done the guy who built the motor said he don't like the X pipe cause of know if one side has a problem such as a valve or smoke whatever. So at the time I said ok and did the it straight back. I know the performance I will get from mandual piping but what will I get with the X pipe and would you do it?
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you can do the X or the H, either way is better than straight pipe

the short version

That guy wasnt wrong. Theres a troubleshooting benefit to true duals.
That said, I think the x is preferred but the H is still effective and perhaps a little easier and cheaper to install.

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I had an X pipe and wasn't really happy with the exhaust routing so I did this:
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