frame straps

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Anyone know where I can get a pair for 59-60

Thank you
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If they exist it will be found in a desert Southwest junk yard

Big Dave
Anyone know where I can get a pair for 59-60
What exactly is a "Frame Strap"?
I have a 60 impala sitting here that I am parting out. If I knew what a frame strap was I could look and see if they were in good enough shape to use off the car.
Big Dave, no go on the few that I checked unfortunately.

Bill, they are the top supports welded to the top of the arch of the rear of the chassis.

Deadwolf, the chassis must be a convertible. If the frame was totaled or damaged these can be cut off preferably with a grinder. PM me if you have convertible.

Thank you guys!
Those are the reinforcements in the frame to support the hydraulic ram that raises the top. If your frame is that rusty that they came off it is time for a replacement frame.

Big Dave
Big Dave,

Thank you for that information! The frame is good....just converting hardtop to a convertible frame which are hard as hell to locate.
At a decent price I might add however, I am finding out that the frames are probably easier to find than the straps.

Thanks again!!
There is a difference in the frames beside the two additional cross-members riveted to the frame.

The metal that the frame is stamped out of was thicker and the "C" channel that formed the frame was deeper and taller for added strength. A standard frame on a convertible risks the car folding in two when you open the door because there is no roof to act like a cathedral vault to keep the two halves from meeting in the middle.

Big Dave
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