GEN Light glows dim on my '68

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I recently got my hands on a '68 convertible that's in pretty good shape. One issue it has that I've been trying to figure out is that although the charging system is working fine, the GEN light on the dash glows at about 1/4 brightness when the car is running. It also glows only dimly when the car is not running but the ignition switch turned to "on", when the light should be on at full intensity. I tried cleaning the connector to the regulator and the next time I started the car, the light went off for a second, but then came on again and continues to act this way.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Take a look at the car at
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Mechanical voltage regulator could be failing if your car has one. Need to verify the charging voltage and the condition of the battery. It (the alternator) should be out putting about 14.6 volts. The battery when disconnected from the car should hold about 12.8 volts for days without a problem.

It could be you are drawing more amperage than your alternator is putting out (most 1968 alternators were rated at only 38 Amps). If you have an electric fuel pump (about ten amps), electric fans (about 23 Amps), aftermarket A/C (about 25 Amps), and add to that a 200 Watt stereo which draws half the available amperage that a 38 Amp alternator can put out all by itself; Add them up and you see why it glows red.

Big Dave
I recently installed a new regulator and all is working fine now.
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