Granddad's 69 Impala Convertable

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I was lucky enough to purchase my grandfathers 69 Impala convertible. I spent many years going for rides to the ice cream shop singing songs with my cousins. My plan is to work on it with my son and get it back into shape. I hope to and could use some help with the following items:

Upgrade Suspension
Tires and Rally wheels (Sizes?????)
Brake Upgrades
Replace Convertable top

I want to keep it pretty much original except for tires and rims. I'll keep the 14" original rims and hubcaps.

I'm gratefull for any advice.


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I finally recieved my brake kit from after weeks of backorder on the powdercoated calipers. I had a local garage install it for me and the calipers rubbed on the rim. Tech support said calipers would have to be ground to fit properly. Not Happy!!!! When I ordered the brakes I asked about the fit on 14" rims and was told no problem and the had the parts on the shelf ready to be shipped they shipped 35 days later. Now I onto tires, Will 255/60/R15 fit all the way around my 69 Impala? I appreciate your input.
There are two sets of 14 inch rims made by Chevy during 1969-'70. One was the standard 14" wheel with a deep bead well to assist in mounting the tires and another wheel that had a flat interior (without the depression in the center to install the tire bead) designed exclusively for disc brake applications. If you use a standard drum brake wheel with a disc brake caliper it will rub.

Look at how flat the interior of the clean flat Disc brake wheel is compared to the rusty stock used drum brake wheel that Philip found for this photo.

Big Dave
Welcome Sam,
I agree with everyone... grab the 427, the hide-a-way's are rare and only made for the 68-69 years. You say the present engine is fine, so you can at least store the big block until you want more power...which will be sooner than you think :) , grab all you can for your car.
Remember we have big car's so we need bigger brakes. I have been told the disc conversion's use smaller versions of what was factory on our's, more suitable for Chevelle's and such, but I have heard no complaints from others using them on 4200+ lbs. cars.
2nd gen Vette's are directly interchangable from spindle to dust cap EXCEPT for the steering arms which can be swapped out and although Vette's have 4 piston calipers, they are the smaller version's; not by much. Also the lower caliper mount on the Vette is differant visually, they funtion exactly. This is what I run.
They do sell the OEM units but they are pricey and really are not noticable performance wise and at half the price of Impala/Chevelle factory calipers. Plus '68-'80 Vette component's are all over and still in junk yards....oops salvage yard's as well as aftermarket.
The 255-60-15's on 15x8 Vette Rally's on all 4's with no issues.
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I don't think you could go wrong if you stayed with Olympic Gold. What interior do you have? I'm new to the Impala numbers game so I'm just learning. Can you provide a pic of the trim tag? You know what that is, the tag on the firewall behind the brake booster if you have power brakes or just above the master cylinder if you don't. I'm really curious where all those 1.6 million Impalas were made in 69. Mine was built in Tarrytown, New York.

I found this website last night. Has some good info if your curious.

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Yes, my ‘69 impala convertible with 327 also with Olympic gold, paint code #65 built at Tarrytown, New York plant, too :)
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