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Happy Collector Car Appreciation Day! Collector Car Appreciation Day, July 13, 2012, was created to raise awareness of the vital role that the automotive restoration industry plays in American Society. This event will serve as a great excuse for enthusiasts everywhere to take their cars out of the garage for all to enjoy. The day will be celebrated in locations all over the country with car shows going on just to honor Collector Car Appreciation Day.

This landmark day serves as what may be the turning point for collector car owners, restorers, the aftermarket and enthusiasts everywhere. In a time where owners, hot rodders, restorers and members of the car hobby in general are having a harder time keeping their vehicles on the road due to legislation that could potentially put an end to our hobby, this marks a victory and move in the right direction with legislators and car hobbyists in agreement at long last.

Have a great day and a great weekend and enjoy your ride! In appreciation of this day, for a limited time use code SMR12FB during checkout to receive up to 20% off your order. Offer expires Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at midnight PST. *Some restrictions apply. :beers:
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