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Hello everybody, my name is Chevy and I live in Florida. Here impalas are a great car to leave stock and cruise, customize, or to make into a showcar Racecar. I just became a part of the impala family with my most recent purchase of my 67 Impala convertible. The car is in not the best shape but not the worst either. The car will need to be gone through but there are good bones to work with (solid floor pans, no rust on panels except for both lower portions of the rear quarters). I would like to make this car the ultimate cool car within reason.
Things I鈥檇 like to get are
  • corner grille lamps
  • SS427 hood
  • factory 12bolt rear
  • SS exterior trim
  • side skirts
If anybody knows where I can find these parts please let me know.

Glad to be a part of the family 馃憤
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Welcome to the site.

If you are lucky enough to find a 427 Hood, I hope you have a lot of money, lol. Very rare and very expensive.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Post a picture of your car if you can.
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Agree with Bill about the 427 hood. May have to compromise on that! :) The exterior trim is generally pretty available, but not 100% of it. May have to do some scrounging depending on what you need. Classic Industries in CA and H and H Classic Chevy in AR are good sources. I have used them a lot for my '65. Ebay is also a good place to find OEM trim, but if in good shape it is very expensive. Heck, even the repro stuff is not cheap. Best place to find a 12-bolt rear end is the salvage yard. They hardly ever wear out even if lots of miles. You may have some issues with bearings or seals, but they are not hard to replace.
Welcome to the site Chevy. The 67 Vert is my personal favorite!
I agree you'll probably have to find some other hood options you (and your wallet) can live with. I dont' think I've ever seen any reproduction parts for you to graft in the pieces to your own hood.
FWIW - the 12 bolts could easily be 2500-3000 for a new one, I got mine from a junkyard for $400 and then had it rebuilt with new Auburn posi for something like 1200.
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ahhh, the BEST Impala! a '67 convertible! (y)

I've still got mine stored away in pieces and will eventually get around to putting it together. if you come across body parts and you don't need them, let us know. the '67 seems to be almost the rarest of parts to find

and as @62BillT said,
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