Impala front lower control arm bolts

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Good afternoon,
I have a 1966 Impala. Swapped out the original control arms for a pair of Global West Suspension CTA - 50L control arms. They came with bushings but not the mounting bolt. I’ve searched online but no luck. I’ve been told the FL control arms are the same from Impala to Biscayne to Caprice, no one has these bolts. Any ideas? Build is at a stand still!
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Good source. I've gotten some parts from Danny and sold him a couple. . Welcome! Post a pic when you get a chance.
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Alternately, someone who knows their stuff can get you a replacement camber bolt that fits this:
Bolt Length (in): 5-15/16 Inch
Bolt Thread Size: 3/4-16 Inch
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Man you guys are awesome resources. When I finally get to dive back into my car I feel like I should be able to troubleshoot almost anything with your knowledge.
Thank you for the reply. I spoke to Eric at Southeast Chevy Parts a couple weeks ago. He recommended new bolts, but like I said no one has them. Rare as hen’s teeth. I better pick up a couple of these used ones. Thank you for the reply, justjohn. I appreciate it.
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