Interior Part For 1965 Impala SS

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I don't know if I am having bad luck or what but there are several interior parts I am finding the part for every year and model except mine.

For example, I can't seem to find a new center console for the 65 SS. Does anyone know if they are available and where to find them? If not where are people getting them refinished?

Another thing is I can't seem to find the chrome lower dash trim facia trim plates for a 65 SS (with AC). These two things I can find everyone BUT for the 65 SS.
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Try eBay. Center consoles can be unobtainium, but your best bet is finding a used one on there.

Yeah, I see used ones on there from time to time. How would you go about getting a used one refurbished, I wouldn't even know where to begin?
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