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When I bought my 64 Impala convertible a few years ago, the previous owner had given the car a bad amateur paint job. To make matters worse, he painted the dash to match the car color, but I dont believe he used the same type of paint that he used for the exterior. Here is why I believe that.

I recently had the car painted and it turned out beautiful. I asked the painter if he could repaint the lower dash in the same color while it was still in the car. He said that he could do that. Unfortunately, every time he painted the dash, the paint would lift. We tried sanding, sealing, priming, watever, and nothing worked.

So, at this point, I told him to forget about it. But the dash looks like crap.

I bought a new instrument cluster housing and will have that blasted and painted, but I dont know what to do about the lower dash. I dont have the mechanical ability, equipment, or money to replace the whole lower dash, so I am looking for ideas.

Are there any companies that make a lower dash cover much like the upper dash covers that you can get? Should I try to have a custom cover made for it?

Really at a loss as to what to do. To make matters worse, I am going to have to sell the car because of my financial situation, so I need a cost effective way to make it look presentable. It now has new paint, new top, new upholstery and carpet, so it looks pretty nice except for this awful dash.

Any ideas are welcome.
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