Need help removing 1968 impala radio!

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I`ve tried removing the radio all afternoon and can`t even get it out! Please help me if you know how or where to find out?
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Welcome to the Team Caleb!

After you pull off the knobs you should see two nuts. They unscrew and the washers behind the nuts have to go back on as they space the radio in relation to the face plate so keep track of the number and where they go. Then there should be one screw in the back under the dash (easier if you unscrew the glove box and carefully pull it out as it is old dry brittle cardboard). Lying up side down in the passenger side floor boards you should see the screw that secures the radio in place and unscrew it. The radio antenna just pulls out but the connector for the wires have to be unclipped to get the connector apart.

There are clearer instructions with photographs illustrating the procedure in the Service Manual.

Big Dave
Sometimes it also helps to remove the glove box liner.
mine has 2 nuts on the backside of the radio toward the bottom of the radio. I could put a socket on them but not a ratchet...... I got out the little air saw cut the 2 brackets and walla... but I'm working on a empty shell and can weld them back on. lol
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