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Looking at some A.R 17s and wondering if the following combo would work. I've read a post where this combo fit just fine on a 66 I think. I do plan to measure for tires but I want to go ahead and purchase wheels.

Front: 17x9 w/ 235/55-17 (27.2" dia, 9.3" width)
Rear: 17x9 w/ 275/50-17 (27.8" dia, 10.8" width), I think backspacing would be 5"

I have adjustable shocks in the back (factory option) so I can raise it a few inches for clearance if needed.

The front is all new stock suspension with new stock height coil springs. Once I get the tires I might lower it some if I can, it sits a little high for my taste w/ the stock springs.

I guess I need to confirm the 17x9 will work with a 10.8" width tire? I'm not sure what is recommended there.

Pics are also appreciated!

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