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Good morning all. I've been building custom and classics cars since I was 12 (which was a long time ago) and love it. There's nothing around nowadays that compares to the styling visions of yesteryear. The lines, contours, trim accents and creative ingenuity that went into the older Classics, which is probably why I enjoy working on them or bringing them back from the dead as much as I do.

I retired from the working world back in 2003 but continue to build a number of cars each year just to stay out of trouble, not to mention making a few dollars to fund my habit of buying and building more classic cars. I've worked on many years from 1923 on up to the newest models, and a wide variety of makes and models as well. Foreign and domestic.

I will start up a thread soon with the details of the 59 Impala build I recently did, once I get all the photos in one place.
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