New user - 68 4 door ORIG 327 Trans Help Dallas?

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Hey there,
I'm a new member to this forum. I've had my 1968 4 door hardtop Impala for about 15 years now. My dad bought it from the original owner and was trying to sell it. I convinced him to let me have it and I'd take over the restoration. Thanks dad! Had the interior redone, vinyl top replaced, lower end of the motor rebuilt.
For the most part, the body is all there. A little bit of rust starting on the back tray. So that needs to be addressed as well.
Now it's on to a transmission repair and a new brake system upgrade.
So my question to any Dallas users is - Is there a reliable transmission shop in Dallas that works on these old beauties? I really don't want to take it to someone that doesn't care about these old cars. I'd like to find someone that appreciates them for what they are.
I'd appreciate any help I can get.
Thanks everyone!
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Welcome to the Team Hayes!

Most tranny shops know how to build a PowerGlide or TH350 transmission as there are litterally millions of them still on the road.

Big Dave
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