Please Help! Part # info ref. RPO N30 Steering Wheels and Trim.

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Need part # info ref. RPO N30 Steering Wheels and Trim.

I have been attempting to acquire a 67 RPO N30 with deluxe horn trim, for placement into my '68 Cust. Coupe, and the best I could do at my budget was to try and attempt to piece one together. I scoured the forums, online markets, and interwebs for months trying to learn about all the various GM configurations, etc. and finally started acquiring the parts.
I currently have the '67 RPO N30 Trim (GM #9745922) and Horn Button (GM #3898267), which many online postings stated would fit to 67-69 N30 wheel (see photos).
After searching around, I found an N30 wheel (GM #9745770) that had the deluxe trim (GM# 9745804 / 9748163) that was advertised as a "67-69" Camaro Steering Wheel w/Deluxe Trim (N30) (see photos).
I am aware of the various trimmings available, and based upon the info I found here (CRG Research Report - Steering Wheels) I assumed that the steering wheel below would fit to the 67 horn trim.
Unfortunately, it does NOT

Is there anyone here that can steer me (sorry) in the right direction before I blow more money on a steering wheel that won't fit this trim?
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Here is the correct steering wheel:
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Here is one for sale on eBay: 1967 Impala SS steering wheel for sale

Here is one recently SOLD on eBay: 1967 Impala steering wheel SOLD
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Hey BigDogSS
Thanks so much for taking the time to find these, you are the only one who responded and I am very appreciative man!
For anyone who has tried to follow this (or has similar challenges), the GM part# for the correct wheel is GM# 9745760, which fits the above trim and horn button (trim GM #9745922) (Horn Button GM #3898267).
I was able to find one at Southeast Chevy Parts, called down there and Trina in the parts dept. found the exact one and was able to get it under my budget as well...great people and customer service.
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