Transmission Rebuild Features Available In Park Help 2007 Impala

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I rebuilt my transmission 4T65E in my 2007 Impala. put it back in and put it all back together went to test it out and no crank no start. Noticed it says "features available in park". No shift indication box on the gears.

Things I've tried:
Code read: 0
Re-adjusted the shifter cable. - actually put it in park still no indication
Made sure my grounds are all correct.
No Wires eaten by rodents.
Tried shifting in other gears with shifter and manually by the range switch.
Replaced every relay.

any insight would be helpful.
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You might wanna copy & paste here
Right, the other site is more focused on the newer Impala cars:

But if you ever get an older one, be sure to drop back.
I checked, Jynx, Kewizzle is already posting on that site, so I guess he just wants as much info as possible, but I have zero experience with electronic transmissions.
BTW, what's this about using a "torch" to check the master cylinder proportioning valve? I am pretty sure the correct term is "FLASHLIGHT" 🤣 🤣😉
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if a torch is a flashlight, then what's a torch over there? firestick?
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if a torch is a flashlight, then what's a torch over there? firestick?
As, a torch over here is a hand held tool with acetylene and oxygen hoses attached to it.

Love the world wide differences. It's what makes the world go around.
Ahhh ok, didn't realize there was confusion. Common word here for a flashlight. Aussies are lazy & everything tends to get abbreviated, so torch is the word we tend to use coz it's easier & quicker to say, but some here would also say flashlight.

If I google torches here I see flashlights, If you google torch in the U.S. do you only see oxy/acet torches?

Funnily enough, If I had meant to refer to an oxy/acet torch, most Aussies will just say oxy. So, for example, if someone had a seized bolt, the reply would be "put oxy on it".
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In google talk here in the US, you will most likely see something that someone would carry in the opening of the Olympics. But in car talk, it has a different meaning here to us car guys.
We love you anyway, bro. and your "Aussie" contributions. Just enjoy giving you a bit of a hard time!
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