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Reluctantly parting with my baby, after 23 years of stewardship.

I am the second registered owner. It was delivered to John F. Corbett, in Paterson, NJ, in June of '62, a Baltimore built car. I have a .jpeg of the original title, but, in 1998, NC demanded surrender of the title document to issue a new one.

The rest of the history is hearsay. I was told that the original owner dragged the car, in NJ, and sold it to someone in Columbus, GA, around 1967. That owner kept it for another twenty-five years, then the fellow I bought it from, a landscaping architect in Columbus, acquired it. He had it refinished in the original 972 Twilight Turquoise, and sourced tinted side and rear NOS glass, said to be from South Africa.

It came with a '65 409 engine, and single quad, with a correct 3314881 manifold, and two Carter 4bbl carbs, in the trunk. It was fitted with an M20 4-speed, and 4.88 posi rear gears.

I had the manifold media-blasted, and sent the carbs to Bob Kunz, in St. Louis. Turns out, they were correct for an early 426 Hemi. As cores, they were worth almost as much as the correct 3361-3362 Carters for the '62 409, so I got newly-built ones for next to nothing. I also replaced the M20 with a date-coded, correct T-10. but had the Hurst shift mechanism, with the correct-appearing gooseneck shifter and knob installed at the time.

Over the years, updates have included HID headlamps, LED tails/turns, a Custom Autosound head unit with modern dual-cone speakers that fit in the original front-and-rear enclosures, the conversion of the clock to a (working) digital quartz movement, the tach to a solid state, battery-free system, and a Powermaster replica alternator to keep the headlamps gleaming. The take-off parts come with the car. As do a slug of mechanical and trim bits I've acquired over the years, but haven't installed.

In the first year of ownership, a bike rack collapsed in our garage, and I had to have some of the rear trim replaced, and the right rear quarter panel, and decklid, repainted. The color match is perfect, and a quart of the paint used comes with the car.

More recently, she was dripping a lot of lubricant, and I grew weary of having to track down ethanol-free 93 octane, supplemented with a booster and lead substitute, when I needed to refuel. Over the winter of '19-'20, the engine was rebuilt. I discarded the solid lifters and cam, and had a mild hydraulic set up installed, and, of course, hardened valve seats. She starts up promptly, and pulls like Jack the Bear when prompted. And, no more puddles on the garage floor.

This is an extremely well-preserved example of the breed, but not concours, numbers-matching, in a rare, and to my eye, attractive color combination. Everything works, from window cranks, to heater/defroster. She rides on twenty year old 215/70R15 Diamondback 1" whitewall radials, that have tons of tread, and have spent most of their lives motionless in climate-controlled storage. Brakes grab evenly, steering is tight and linear, glass is unblemished and without bubbles in the laminate layer. The emergency brake will stall the car out, no matter how judiciously the throttle is brought into play.

She shows 27,000 miles, but I have no documentation prior to my ownership other than the first title issued, and the speedo cable broke a couple of times - I don't think she saw a thousand miles total between both repairs, but it was a long time ago. It showed 21,000 when I bought it, and the times the speedometer/odometer were not recording was maybe 3-4 months of that.

Of course, all of this is documented in a thick file folder.

I'm looking for $49,500. The car is in Summerfield, NC, and I'd be happy to collect anyone at the Greensboro or Raleigh airport that is serious, and wants to look at it, or will quickly arrange for a professional inspection to be conducted at a prospective buyer's intiative.

I'm back-and-forth on selling it, but my head says it's time to say goodbye, although my heart argues to the contrary.

Contact me by IM, or text me on (503) 539-8548, if interested. I've exceeded the site's image upload capacity; shoot me your e-mail and I'll send you a link to a cloud drive folder with dozens more detailed images, plus start-up, drive-by, and through-the-gears interior videos.
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Agreed, very nice car with a pretty well documented history, especially during your ownership. Good luck with the sale! I'd love it, but I can't afford to do the things to my own car I want to do (for now), let alone buy another one!
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