VIN tag chageout

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So I am not sure how to proceed with the second 66 Impala I got from my dad's collection. The VIN says 16837 but the cowl tag says 16437 and the options match the car. VIN was removed and painted, has round rusted rivets. I have the bill of sale from 2003 stating the SS vin but other than fender Super Sport script nothing else matches an SS.
I was going to do a few little things to the car and sell it.
Has anyone dealt with this? Can I sell it acknowledging it is probably not an SS? I Alabama they do not give titles to vehicles older than 35 years. Just bill of sale and proof of insurance to register it.
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VIN#'s were also stamped on the frame starting at one point. do you have access to the frame?

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Is a complete running car. The engine is a 69 350 250hp 2bbl, looks like out of a Nova. I was going to sell it but now that it looks like a changed VIN I was not sure how to document it
Is the 6th digit "6" on both indicating 1966 model? Can you find the VIN stamped on top of the frame on the drivers' side as Bill mentioned? Hard to see w/o a mirror and may be covered with corruption. Can you post pics of the two tags?
Is the assembly plant Oshawa? (plant code O in the seventh digit space ) Could also explain the discrepancy. Did some more research and found this on Warren Leunig's website (
1966 Super Sports from Oshawa will have a plain Impala body style (i.e, 164) with a bucket seat interior code and RPO code A51, which also means bucket seats.
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This one only has C08 and C60 code on cowl tag. No SS badging on glove box, grille or trunk lid.
The numbers on the Frame are close to impossible to see with the body still on it. Warren and a few others on here are our experts on Cowl Tags and VIN Numbers. Hopefully they will be jumping it soon to help.
I am not one of those experts. lmao

I think if you just call it a non-SS and go off the VIN in the drivers door-jam, that's the safest, best way forward.
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I have sent pictures to an antique car appraiser to get an idea of value for insurance but also how best to tag it. I just need a letter from my sister who has power of attorney for my father saying they were gifts, proof of insurance and the original bill of sale for my father to get a tag in Alabama for it.
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