Weather Strip Instructions 1967 Impala, 4 dr, ht

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Does anyone know where I can find an instruction manual on how to weather strip a 1967 Impala, 4 door, hardtop? I have all the parts and need to re-strip the entire car. Also, if there's a site I can go to in order to find a local body shop in my area that has experience with older vehicles that would be helpful in case I run into any problems.

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Have you checked in the Fisher body manual? I'm at work this weekend, but I can look when I get the time - not sure if there is coverage of that aspect of the body.
As far as finding a shop, I generally go to google maps and search for businesses in the area. Most will show up with a phone number, and just make a few calls. Most of the shops don't mind if you drop by and chat if they're not too busy. Just don't try to waste a lot of their time for free. It's not fair to them - they're in the business to make money. Also , if some of the old weatherstrip is there, it's not too hard to figure it out as you remove the old. Good luck.

6-24-12 - checked, and the Fisher manual covers the weatherstripping, it's just spread out through the book depending on the section you're working on. Look in the index page at the beginning of each section, and find the B body instructions.
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