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This is kit Wilwood Front Brake Kit 140-12022-DR.


I started to install the Right Stuff kit, and was immediately put off by the design of the kit, and the construction of the caliper bracket. There is a huge cost difference between these two manufacturers, and once you get them side by side, it’s clear why. (This has been a re-occurring theme in my rebuild.)

The Right Stuff kits will have clearance issues with your bottom control arm. While the instructions do say “you may need to cut excess length from the bolt…” the real issue is with the nut that caps the bracket bolt to the spindle.

In contrast, the Wilwood bracket clamps to the front of the spindle, in such a way that there are no clearance issues, and that the caliper mounts to the front of the disc - and comes with spacers for all connection points to the spindle, so you can dial in the seating with no wobble.

In short, it’s designed to feel like a stock addition - which considering it’s being bolted onto a 53 year old car - is damn impressive.

Also a benefit, you get a 4 pot system, and can replace the disc independently from the hub.

I can see the ways that you could make the Right Stuff kits for the 68 work - but compared to the Wilwood Kit, it’s really a night and day comparison. YMMV, but I feel a lot better about this set up, having put hands on both kits now.

When using non-stock parts it’s an adventure to see what fits and what doesn’t - and it seems that 68 is even more of a red-headed step child in this department - so I’m super happy with the way this kit went in.


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Yes, 68 - 70 have some oddball parts. I had a similar experience with their rear disk kit and now have a Kore3 C6 conversion on all 4 wheels.
Definitely post up questions before you commit to parts. I've sorted through the entire suspension over the last 10 years.
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